What is After Five?

If you don’t already know me, I’m Suyi Davies Okungbowa, Nigerian author of African-inspired fantasy, science fiction and speculative stories in general. I’ve written a few books and stories you might’ve heard about. After Five is me when I’m not doing those things.

The goal of this newsletter is simple: to chat with you about all the things I’m writing + reading + loving, and the life lessons I’m picking up along the way. You know, just like you do after a hard day’s nine-to-five.

Stick around for…

  • reading, watching, listening and lifehack recs;

  • general commentary about, I dunno, Stuff Going On;

  • a lot of fanboying over Janelle Monáe. or Rihanna. or Tessa Thompson;

  • brief segues into serious lessons gleaned from the writing life (check out my video series, #SuyiRecommends, for a taste);

  • exclusive insider content (behind-the-scenes of my works-in-progress, excerpts, photos/videos from appearances, short podcasts/voice notes, subscriber-only Q&As, etc);

  • and if I’m feeling extra spicy, an actual writing class (gasp!).

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Come hang with us at the bar

After Five is also a semi-community of sorts. Come hang out with folks who love a good book or story, fans of That New Fantasy Novel or The Latest Sci-fi Show, and folks who just want to chat about how to live better.