Welcome to After Five!

Allow me to re-introduce myself...

I recently made a major life decision: I decided to re-start a newsletter.

If anyone has told you that this is my second newsletter re-start, they’re lying—it is my third newsletter restart. Does this mean I’m bad at newsletters? No. (Yes it does.) Does it, perhaps, suggest I may have trouble managing commitments? No. (Yes it does.)

I’ve run different iterations of my author newsletter, but this new iteration mostly marks my migration to Substack. After Five was always my first, started in 2016 (then After Five Writing Shenanigans). Back then, I wanted to connect with readers and writers as I do now, but I was a newbie author who didn’t quite have that community yet. I’m still a newbie author in many ways, but recently, I’ve met so many great folks who love my work as much as I love them, and I’d like to connect more often with y’all. So readers, writers, lovers of living for your best selves, get in here.

I have one goal with After Five: to chat with you about all the things I’m writing + reading + loving, and the life lessons I’m picking up along the way. You know, just like you would with your pals after a hard day’s nine-to-five.

What to expect

After Five will go out twice monthly. Once, you’ll get to see the more reflective side of me, discussing Things That Matter And You Should Take Seriously, Duh? (For a taste, see my video series, #SuyiRecommends.) The other time will present my goofier side, and will involve excessive fanboying over books/shows/music/art I’m loving at the moment, especially if they involve Rihanna or Janelle Monáe (they will always involve Rihanna or Janelle Monáe). You’ll also get chatter about what I’m writing and some lifehacks I’ve learned through my practices. Sometimes there will be shameless self-promo braided in.

Which letter is going to come before which? Ionno. Subscribe and find out.

After Five is currently free. At some point in the near future, it will become a cheap paid letter with exclusive content, including short podcasts/voice notes, subscriber-only Q&As, writing “classes,” etc. But not to worry, I gatchu. You will always have access to the free, public stuff.

Stick around, folks. Say hi in the comments. Enjoy the ambience.

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